I know this site is all about sexy, muscular women, I just felt compelled to write this short article because it really bothers me how unattractive WNBA players are.  It seems every other female sport in college, professional tennis players, professional golfers, in professional recreational sports like billiards and in the Olympics has sexy women. Why is it women who get paid to play basketball professionally are so damn ugly?

It seems to me, most of the black WNBA players are very manly looking. Most of the non-black WNBA players look like something out of a freak show with their lack of symmetry, sloppy bodies (don’t look like athletes), and bad complexion. The amount of acne on these girls’ faces on shoulders indicates either a need for quality Skin Care Products, or there’s some steroid use going on.

Here are some head to head challenges. You be the judge. I am not going to cherry-pick the women either.  Each woman will be a quality player who’s at least mildly popular and not a random, no-namer.

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