sexy teen fitness modelTake a look at this sexy teen fitness model. You can tell she puts in lots of time on the cardio machines at the gym. She has a perfect tan to compliment her petite, lean body.her little booty shorts are smoking hot! That expression on her face as she turns backwards to face the cameraman is priceless. I wonder what she’s thinking. My guess is, she’s thinking to yourself, “damn I’m sexy. All this work at the gym is really paid off.”.

This petite teen fitness model shows off her little round ass that is nice and firm and tan. She has such an innocent face but judging by the sexy ass shot in the photo she took where she’s almost naked, I think she’s probably participated in the gym sex at the health club.

She’s wearing some really tall, red, stripper shoes in the pic which leads me to believe she probably makes some extra cash working at an adult dance club while she finishes college. Whatever her story is, this cute college coed has a petite body that makes any man who likes fitness models get turned on.

A young sexy girl like this with tanned legs is a beautiful thing. Muscles on the sexy teen brunette or just plain sexy. One would have to imagine that she gets all the looks when she set class in college, or at work, or anywhere she goes out in public.

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