How do you feel about big muscle chicks who could kick most men’s asses? How would you feel about her if she looked pretty good and had big ass titties? How about some tattoos? She’s got some of those too. Before I forget, did I mention she’s French? Please, don’t hold that against her. She probably likes wine, and lots of it! Wine = Drunk = Sex for you? Well, if this sounds like a woman you would like to know more about, Meet Big Red.

big red female bodybuilder

This buff babe takes her fine self all over the world now. She lives part-time in the United States in Los Angeles, California. She likes to be called “Big Red” or “Sexy Red”. Do you like schicks with gaps between their teeth? Well, this gap-toothed French Amazon is probably the woman for you. She looks like the type of muscular woman that could meet you at a bar, beat you in arm wrestling, save you from getting your ass kicked for cutting in line while you were trying to buy her a double whiskey with a splash of nothing, walk you home, and fuck you all night long. I don’t know, that’s just the vibe I get from her.

I can’t find out much more about this chick. She doesn’t state any kind of real name and google searches of “Big Red” and “Sexy Red” don’t bring up anything about her.

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