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Goddess Heather is a very sexy muscular and lean woman with an " Movie Action Star " look that is very sexy. She's 5' 7" and weighs about 130 lbs. of solid muscle and feminine curves. Her ass is firm and her breasts are large thanks to some beautiful breast implants.
Goddess Heather is a certified personal trainer and dietician who can bench press 235 lbs. and squat nearly 300 lbs. Heather is an ideal buff babe who is very sexual. in her pics and videos you will notice heather being a Dominatrix. I would love to be bossed around by a woman like Goddess Heather.

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This is certainly one of the most interesting muscular women I've found on the internet. Her action figure-like looks are certainly a turn-on for many. In most of the pics and videos I've seen of Goddess Heather, she appears to wear a short, bleach blonde hair style with a styling product in it to make it spike in certain areas and stay in place giving her hair an almost plastic look which is perfect for her action figure-like appearance I mentioned before.

Goddess Heather has huge breast implants. For breast implants so large, they look surprisingly sexy. The fact that she is approximately 5' 7" helps to show her best features which include her feminine bone structure, incredible ripped abs, and long, muscular legs.

Goddess Heather has a very special website. Her website is a paysite which means to gain access to all of her best videos, pictures and even live webcam chats you will need to become a member by paying a monthly fee. I can assure you this, you won't find another woman on the internet who looks like Goddess Heather.

Heather's website will appeal to people who are looking for women who can balance excellent muscle mass and feminine looks as well as fetish seekers as many of her pictures and videos available in the member's area go far and beyond the single "muscular women" niche. Inside, you can find many S&M pics and videos along with messy, balloon, cat fighting, female wrestling, lesbianism, straight sex, whips, chains, simulated torture, and more.

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